Note: Friends President Tim Tennant is an ex officio member of all committees.


The Collections Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the Friends’ collections policy to serve as a guide for managing the organization’s collections. The chairman of the Collections Committee is Dan Pyzel. Additional members include Parker Fowler, Jim Herron, Soni Honegger and Bill Lock.


The Development Committee is responsible for fundraising and development. The committee chairman is Bob Ross. Additional members of the committee are Nan Clark, Parker Fowler, Jim Herron, Bill Lock, Linda Smith and Caroline Tower.


Per the Friends bylaws, the Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, one director each from Colorado and New Mexico, and such other directors as appointed by the Board of Directors. The founder of the Friends, if serving as an elected member of the Board of Directors, shall be an ex-officio voting member of the Executive Committee. If the president of the Friends is a paid employee, he or she shall be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

The 2009-2010 Executive Committee includes Craig McMullen, Chairman; Jim Herron, Vice Chairman; Bob Craine, Bill Lock, Ed Lowrance, Bob Ross and Linda Smith.


The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Friends finances and financial records. The committee chairman is Bob Craine. Additional members of the committee are Bill Lock, Bob Ross, Steve Schroeder, Dennis Sterosky and Patrick Wilkins.


Per the Friends bylaws, the Nominating Committee is formed each year for the purpose of nominating persons for the Friends’ Board of Directors. The chairman of the Nominating Committee is Jim Herron. Additional committee members are David Lee, Ed Lowrance, Craig McMullen and Linda Smith.


The Interpretation and Chama RVC Committee oversees the programs that interpret the railroad and its history to visitors at the railroad property as well as the planning for the Chama Railroad Visitor Center (RVC). It works in close collaboration with the Projects Committee, the railroad operator, and the Commission to plan for the uses of the historic cars and buildings, and oversees the docent program. The committee chair is Nan Clark. Other members include Ed Lowrance, Bob Ross, Caroline Tower and Linda Smith.


The Projects Committee oversees the projects undertaken each year at the Friends work sessions. The committee is responsible for selecting the projects, producing a report of the proposed work for the State Historic Preservation Offices, and organizing the work sessions. The committee chairman is Ed Lowrance. Other members include Spero Bettalico, John Engs, Bob Ground, Bill Lock, Craig McMullen, Jim O’Keefe and Ted Smith.


The Railfan Committee organizes and implements special excursion trains sponsored by the Friends. The chairman of the Railfan Committee is Bill Lock. Additional members include Shirley Burke, George Lawrence, Dan Pyzel, Warren Smalley and Dennis Sterosky.